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Empowering leaders to create a more compassionate, connected, and conscious world

Who are Eudelics?

  • Eudelics is a global leader at the intersection between mindfulness, psychedelics, and leadership.
  • We offer psychedelic-assisted inner development programs to safely, ethically, and effectively support individuals on a journey of personal transformation and inner leadership.
  • Our programs have been carefully developed using the latest scientific evidence on psychedelics, mindfulness, and leadership, making them radically different from other inner development programs.

Our journey

Feeling something was missing

Before forming Eudelics, we have for decades taught mindfulness and facilitated deep leadership development programs. But, despite the great results we saw our clients get, we all realized something was missing. Something to give our clients that extra support they needed in order to go beyond their limiting beliefs and behavior patterns, so they could access deeper, more authentic parts of themselves.

Evidence-based benefits

In the wake of the psychedelic renaissance, we saw an opportunity to improve the journey of personal development. There is growing evidence that psychedelic-assisted therapies can improve wellbeing and reduce psychological suffering, similar to mindfulness practices (1,2). Psychedelics can offer crucial insights and awareness regarding one's behavior towards others, increase feelings of empathy, and reduce anxiety and depression (3). These effects can positively impact leadership by improving emotional intelligence, empathy, and decision-making skills.

A shared vision for the future

However, it is important to note that the use of psychedelics should be approached with caution and under the guidance of trained professionals. That’s when we came together and formed Eudelics, with a vision to empower leaders to create a more compassionate, connected, and conscious world in a safe, legal, and professional manner. 

Psychedelics and spirituality

As we developed our programs, it became evident that spirituality is at the core of reaching your full potential as a human being. There is a link between spirituality and psychedelics in reaching a more fulfilled life. Psychedelic substances have been reported to induce increases in overall levels of spirituality and profoundly life-changing mystical experiences. Psychedelics at the intersection of science and spirituality are progressively gaining attention as research continues to investigate how these substances can be used to enhance spiritual experiences.

Psychedelics have been used in religious and spiritual contexts for centuries, and there is evidence to suggest that they can facilitate religious and spiritual experiences. The association between mystical experience and therapeutic outcome in psychedelic therapy has been indicated by most clinical studies (4). 

You're in safe hands

Our programs are informed by the latest research and delivered by highly experienced facilitators. We have created a unique composition of preparation, support, psychedelic journeys and coaching to support you as an individual in your transformation journey. With a medical professional conducting pre-program physical and psychological screening, experienced mindfulness and leadership coaches supporting your transformation, as well as trained professionals onsite during the psychedelic retreat creating a safe setting, you couldn’t be in better hands.

Pierre de Boer, founder of Eudelics

Pierre de Boer

Founder and CEO of Eudelics

Empowering leaders and individuals to create a more compassionate, connected, and conscious world 

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"I found what I was looking for – an anchor for self-acceptance and a solid practice and tools to return to my essence."

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