Terms & Conditions

    1. Eudelics AB, reg. no. 559356-8644 (“Eudelics”) provides leadership training and coaching programs or journeys (the “Services” or the “Programs”). An integral and important part of the Programs/journeys is a retreat, where the psychedelic substance psilocybin is used in a session to facilitate personal development (the “Retreat”).
    2. These terms of service (the “Terms”) always apply, unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing, between Eudelics and every customer who purchases Eudelics’ Services (the "Customer" or “You”) on the provision of Services and the parties' relations in connection therewith.
    1. A binding agreement is entered into between the parties once the Customer has registered to partake in the Programs, whereupon these Terms enter into force between the parties.
    2. By approving the Terms, You confirm that You are of legal age and not under guardianship and therefore has the legal ability and right to enter into the Agreement.
    3. Eudelics may, at its sole discretion, reject You from partaking in the Programs if Eudelics considers that You do not fulfill necessary minimum requirements or pre-criteria for partaking in the Programs. 
  1. FEES
    1. Payment shall be made in full before the Program starts, and not later than 20 days after registration is made, unless otherwise agreed. The price for the Program is in accordance with Eudelics’ at all times applicable price list. When You have registered for the Program, You are not eligible for any refunds (save for in the event of any applicable mandatory consumer legislations stipulating otherwise – see below under section 14), save for medical reasons that hinder You to partake in the Program and where a certificate from a doctor can be presented. 
    2. In case of late payments, Eudelics is entitled to interest and administrative fees in accordance with applicable legislation. If payments are not made in time, Eudelics may also decide that You will lose Your spot on the Program and any made advance payment will then be irrevocably lost and non-refundable.
    3. You may only be refunded the fee provided 
      1. the Program in which You are enrolled is canceled (whether prior to the course commencing, or after its commencement) by Eudelics, or
      2. if You do not pass the health screening for the Retreat, in which case any fee that has been paid by You will be refunded in full. 
    4. If a Program is temporarily suspended for a period of less than one month no fees will be refunded. If a Program is suspended for a period longer than one month, clients enrolled on that Program will be given the option of continuing the Program when it resumes or receiving a pro-rata refund of the fee for the suspended part of the Program (based on the number of full weeks of the Program that was suspended, as a percentage of the total number of Program weeks).
    1. You hereby guarantee that You will put all necessary efforts into the Program. You need to be present for at least 75 % of the Program and need to partake in the Retreat, as it is such a crucial part of the Program. If You do not partake in the Program as required above, Eudelics reserves the right to terminate Your further participation and expel You from the Program in accordance with what is stated below under section 6, provided You do not have medical legitimate reasons for Your absence which can be supported by a doctor’s certificate.  
    1. Eudelics sets high standards into its Services and its promise of educational quality and transformational power to its clients. In that lies a promise towards the clients to provide Programs and an education environment that is free from nuisance and where You have the full possibilities to succeed in Your education and personal development. Eudelics is a tolerant environment that welcomes people of all backgrounds, nationalities, gender and of any opinion. However, Eudelics does not tolerate racism, sexism, bullying, hateful behavior, political or religious propaganda or other improper or disrespectful behavior, and requires that every client behaves professionally, respectfully and with the highest ethical standards with regard to other clients, the team of Eudelics or its collaboration partners, or in any other external relations when representing Eudelics or the Programs.
    2. Further to the above, when partaking in a Program, You agree to not
    3. a) damage any property belonging to Eudelics, other clients or present at any premises where the Program is held,
    4. b) cause nuisance, impair collaboration with or between other clients, disturb the possibilities to provide a high quality education, or in any other way show serious disruptive behavior,
    5. c) license, sublicense, sell, transfer, or in any way distribute or commercialize educational materials, parts thereof or other content provided by Eudelics during the Program or to modify or make derivative works based upon such materials or content or remove any copyright or other proprietary notices contained in the content, material or information,
    6. d) harm Eudelics, its brand, its teachers and collaborative partners, fellow clients or Services in any way whatsoever.
    7. clients are, further to the above, required to comply with all rules and regulations of Eudelics (including these Terms) or the premises in which Eudelics’ Programs are held, including the Retreat.
    1. If You do not respect the obligations set out in these Terms, Eudelics reserves the right to suspend or exclude You from a Program without the right of receiving any refund on the fees therefore. Before any suspension or exclusion, Eudelics is obliged to first initiate a discussion with You informing You of the issues at hand and providing a written warning to You that the breach may cause suspension or exclusion unless remedied immediately. Only after such warning is not heeded immediately or where remedy is not possible, Eudelics will have the right to suspend or exclude You from a Program.
    2. Breach against any rules or stipulations in these Terms, which entails damage, costs, losses or other harm to Eudelics or its partners shall entitle Eudelics to seek remuneration from You to cover such damage, costs, losses or other harm.
    1. The Retreat is an important part of the Program, and the use at such Retreat of so-called psychedelic truffles containing primarily the psychedelic substance psilocybin. Psilocybin and psychedelic substances in general have different effects on different people. Both the benefits and the risks of these substances, and its effects in general, are far from scientifically clear. Some people may have very positive experiences with psychedelic substances, but some can also have negative effects. This can in some cases lead to lingering or residual psychiatric problems, such as psychosis, depersonalization, derealization, or hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD). Although Eudelics and its collaboration partners employ leading experts in the psychedelic field in order to create the best possible conditions for You and minimize the risks, You participate entirely at Your own risk. By registering for the Program and thereby signing these Terms, You therefore completely release Eudelics and its team or others associates, from any liability for any damage or injury, whether psychological or physical, that could possibly affect You as a participant during the Retreat and Program connection with Your participation. For clarification, this means that You waive all rights under any applicable law, in both the Netherlands, Sweden and otherwise, to make any kind of claim against Eudelics, its team or other associates, through e.g. lawsuit, injunction or the like. To do so anyways constitutes a breach of these Terms, for which You may be held liable in accordance with Swedish tort legislation. 
    2. Eudelics does not provide any insurance for Your participation in the Program. For insurance coverage, You are therefore referred to privately contacting an insurance company that can offer adequate insurance. However, given the nature of the business and the risks associated with psychedelics, it is good to know that many insurance companies are unlikely to offer insurance that covers the risks related to the use of psychedelics.
    1. If You wish to issue a complaint regarding the Program You can contact Your Program contact person. For a complaint to be valid, it must be reported immediately after the relevant circumstance of the complaint was or should have been discovered. You must define, when making the complaint, and, if necessary, also show, how the circumstance of the complaint is manifested. Eudelics will investigate the complaint and notify You within a reasonable time (normally within 30 days) if the complaint is accepted and inform you about any potential planned remediation process. 
    1. Even if Eudelics aims to deliver the highest quality in its Services, no results can be guaranteed due to individuality of each person’s experience and progress, and Eudelics therefor disclaims all representations and warranties, implied or express, with regard to its Services other than its obligations to perform the Services as stated in the curriculum. Eudelics can also not be made responsible for any actions or services performed by any third party providers that may negatively impair Your experience of the Services, and You therefore expressly waive and release Eudelics from all liability, claims or damages arising from, or that are in any way related to any third party providers. Eudelics will not be a party to disputes or negotiations between You and such third party providers. 
    2. Further to the above, Eudelics shall not be liable for indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive, or consequential damages, including personal injury, lost profits, or property damage related to, in connection with, or otherwise resulting from the Services.
    3. Eudelics shall neither be liable for failure in performance or delay resulting from circumstances beyond Eudelics’s reasonable control. 
    4. The limitations and disclaimer in these Terms do not purport to limit liability or alter You potential rights as a consumer that cannot be excluded under applicable law. 
    5. While Eudelics endeavors to update and ensure that the information given on the website or in other marketing material is correct, Eudelics makes no representations, warranties or guarantees, whether express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness, currency or reliability of any of them.
    1. Eudelics processes Your personal data in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC and the Swedish law (2018: 218) with supplementary provisions to the EU data protection regulation (jointly referred to as “GDPR”. 
    2. You are referred to Eudelics's privacy policy for more information regarding Eudelics's personal data processing and adherence to the GDPR.
    1. Notwithstanding the obligations in these Terms, with the exception of events where a party has acted with intent or gross negligence, such party shall be exempt from liability for breach of the Terms and/or sanction as a result of failure to fulfill obligations under the Terms due to circumstance that hinder or significantly impede or delay performance and which could not reasonably be foreseen. Such circumstances are, for example, war, terrorist attacks, authority regulation, action or omission, labor market conflict (even where the party does not itself participate in the conflict), blockade, fire, restrictions on energy supply, pandemic restrictions, flood or other natural disasters or accidents of greater magnitude or other circumstances outside of a party’s control. 
    2. A party wishing to invoke such a circumstance shall without delay inform the counterparty in writing of the occurrence of the circumstance and the expected delay of the performance of the obligations under these Terms.
    1. The Program is a place of vulnerability where the participants, if in a group, are encouraged to show their inner self and to dare to be open with their feelings and internal processes, which can mean very revealing experiences and personal revelations, especially during the Retreat. Among other things, participants will be invited, as part of the process, to share their experiences with each other during the Retreats and afterwards. To be able to create a space of greatest trust and out of respect for all participants, you must therefore observe strict confidentiality about which participants have participated and about what has occurred at the Program. It is entirely prohibited to photograph or record other clients or team members of Eudelics or its collaboration partners during the Program (including at the Retreats) without clear approval from all affected parties. Eudelics and its collaborating partners will observe the same strict confidentiality with regard to You.
    1. Eudelics is the sole owner of all rights, including intellectual property rights to its Services and materials used in the Programs, including but not limited to rights concerning texts, models, trademarks, design, text, software, etc., except for certain rights owned by any potential Eudelics's licensors or thir parties. 
    2. Nothing in the Terms shall be construed as if any of these rights being wholly or partly transferred to You. 
    3. Any copying, modification, transfer, licensing and/or other use of the Eudelics’ materials and intellectual property is strictly prohibited, as stated under section 5.2 c). Any unauthorized use of Eudelics's intellectual property rights or rights from Eudelics’ potential licensors or third parties constitutes an infringement and breach of these Terms and may constitute a criminal action. 
    1. All physical persons residing within the EU, Norway and UK, who are legally considered as consumers, have a statutory right to cancel the participation in the Program for any reason within 14 days from the day of registration which is made online. 
    2. The above stated right of withdrawal is not applicable in cases where the Services have commenced and/or educational material has been made available.
    3. If You are entitled to a refund due to a cancellation or withdrawal, such repayment will be made to the credit card, debit card or bank account used by You to pay for the Services. 
    1. Eudelics always has the right to assign its rights and obligations regarding the Products and these Terms to such a third party that procures Eudelics’s business. 
    2. Swedish law shall apply to the Terms and the Services.
    3. Disputes arising in connection with the Terms shall, as a starting point, be resolved by amicable agreement between the Parties. Failing the above (meaning where one party states in writing that the discussions have failed), disputes shall be finally settled by Swedish general courts, with the district court of Stockholm as the first instance.

Appendix 1. Code of Conduct

As part of our work at eudelics, we are committed to improving the way the industry operates. Part of this is to have a very clear code of conduct. When taking a psychedelic, we become highly suggestive and vulnerable and it i9s important that you feel totally safe and held. Therefore we have created a code of conduct that we abide by and we would like you to understand and agree to.

Code of conduct:

  1. The coach conducts exhaustive physical and mental health screening of participants and ensures their clients receive appropriate and adequate support before, during, and after a psychedelic experience.

  2. The coach informs participants and clients about the risks and benefits of partaking in a psychedelic experience and offers insight into their own capacities and limitations. They work with written informed consent. Guides do not give medical advice.

  3. The coach is responsible for the setting, upholding, and monitoring of appropriate boundaries within the guide-client relationship. That they are aware of power dynamics and disparities, do not engage in sexual and romantic relationships, or in any inappropriately exploitative manner. They never pressure clients to take a psychedelic substance and respect their autonomy. As a rule, the coach will not allow participants or clients to leave the designated space during the effects of the substance, without consulting with and consent of the coach.

  4. The coach ensures that personal information about the client will be stored safely, in compliance with the law, and will never be shared with anyone else without prior consent. The coach can share personal information of clients with other team members under certain conditions, but only if approved by the client. The coach ensures privacy and confidentiality before, during, and after journeys, ceremonies and coaching sessions.  

  5. The coach will provide clients with appropriate and reliable preparation, integration, and aftercare for the psychedelic experience. They will reach out to relevant professionals, colleagues, or third parties if they can not offer the needed support. 

  6. The coach practices mindful care when touching clients and poses boundaries to their use of touch, based on their professional capacities and limitations. They never engage in sexual touch of any sort. 

  7. The coach holds a position of authority over the client and is aware of this power relation and the responsibilities it brings. They do not proselytize nor enforce their own world view.