Enhance emotional intelligence and overcome limiting beliefs

Revealing aspects of the mind

The term "psychedelic" was first coined by British psychiatrist Humphry Osmond, and it derives from the Greek words psyche (meaning "mind") and deloun (meaning "to reveal"). Substances like psilocybin, found in magic mushrooms, are considered psychedelics because they have the potential to reveal aspects of the mind that are not typically accessible in everyday states of consciousness.

The importance of set and setting 

Recent scientific research has demonstrated the potential benefits of psychedelics for personal and leadership development. For instance, psychedelics can enhance emotional intelligence and help individuals overcome limiting beliefs. However, the efficacy of these substances largely depends on the "set and setting" of the experience. The set refers to the individual's mental and emotional state during the psychedelic experience, while the setting refers to the physical environment in which the experience occurs. Both the set and setting are critical to the long-term outcomes of a psychedelic experience.

Preparation and integration

To maximize the benefits of psychedelics, adequate preparation before the experience, psychological support during the experience, and ongoing integration afterward are essential. While the most effective preparation and integration strategies are still being explored by researchers and clinicians, recent findings suggest that mindfulness training may be particularly helpful in this regard. Mindfulness practices can promote emotional regulation, increase resilience to stress, and help individuals cultivate a more present-centered awareness, which may all be useful for navigating the unique challenges of a psychedelic experience.

I feel humbled and enlightened...

"Having completed the program, I feel humbled and enlightened with an immense feeling of joy, appreciation, maturity and lust for continuing my journey as a person, leader and human being."  

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